User ( bettor ) is the winner if he/she predicts

all 10 matches of the current round correctly and

inserts verified PayPal account before placing a bet

Current Round: Premier League 2017/2018 – Round 13

Bets will be closed 5 mins before the first match kick-off

An Anti-Gambling Betting is Absolutely Free of Charge

£400 Prize is equally divided among all winners

of the current round | only 1 winner = £400

2 winners = £200 for each winner | etc

Provider must pay out all winners

to 48 hours after the results

User & Provider agree

to these rules by

placing a bet

Develop Yourself and Break a Gambling Habit

The purpose of the web is truly motivation because

milions of people are addicted to gambling worldwide provides alternative way of online betting

where bettors can place a bet and win money but

without negative consequences of gambling

Provider | Moral Bet, z.s. | NGO-CZ

Based in Prague | Rybna 716

Bets are closed at the moment

Next round will be loaded in a few minutes

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Premier League - Round 13

Win up to £400 to your PayPal

Just predict 10 matches correctly

vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
vs 1 X 2
1 - Home win X - Draw2 - Away win